Stella Artois Solstice Lager

Stella Artois Solstice Lager
Stella Artois Beer


This latest creation is our first-ever beer brewed especially for Summer. From the first sip you’ll taste how well Stella Artois Solstice Lager pairs with Summer.

Brewed for spontaneous afternoons where every moment is meant to savor, Stella Artois Solstice Lager is a delicious, refreshing golden lager with subtle citrus notes and triple filtered for a smooth taste and a crisp finish. Like a warm breeze on a sun-filled summer day, bottled to perfection.

We’ve captured the longest day of the year in a perfect golden beer and brought it right to you to enjoy. So, go ahead—open yours. Taste summer at its fullest and let Stella Artois Solstice Lager carry you from idyllic days into dreamy nights. We’re officially open for the season, so try this limited-edition beer now through Labor Day.


Leuven, Belgium



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