New Glarus Gyrator

New Glarus Gyrator
New Glarus Brewing Co.

type:Craft - Wisconsinstyle:Bock

Close to Brewmaster Dan Carey's heart, this Doppelbock's journey began with Dan's re-discovery of whole cone Diamant hops grown at his urging in Hallertau, Germany. Over ten years of his personal heritage barley research resulted in Dan choosing this seed propagation of Czech barley kilned as Pilsner Malt here in Wisconsin. He reveled in the challenge of double decoction brewing in his rescued 1962 copper Brewhouse, rehomed to New Glarus in 1997. This strong Bock lagered 10 weeks in the cellar before resting in the bottle 6 months for mature flavor perfection. Every journey begins with a single step.


New Glarus, WI, USA

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