Truly Unruly Variety Pack
Boston Beer Co.

type:Hard Seltzer

Truly Unruly Variety Pack

Who knew you could fit this much fun, flavor, and refreshment into one case of seltzer? Well, we did… but now you do, too! With 8% ABV and four delicious flavors, it’s time to pick up a pack and get Unruly.

Variety 12-pack includes THREE (3) 12oz. slim cans of each flavor:
Tropical Twist
Berry Blast
Citrus Crush
Strawberry Smash


Boston, MA, USA



Truly Unruly Variety Pack
Truly Unruly Berry Blast
Truly Unruly Citrus Crush
Truly Unruly Strawberry Smash
Truly Unruly Tropical Twist