Coors Seltzer Variety Pack
Molson Coors

type:Hard Seltzer

Coors Seltzer Variety Pack

12 pack variety contains THREE (3) 12 oz slim cans of each flavor: 

Black Cherry
Lemon Lime

The first hard seltzer to stand for something bigger than itself and give consumers an easy way to give back to their environment.  A hard seltzer made with a mission to taste good and do good.  Coors Seltzer is the first hard seltzer rooted in a higher purpose to give back, making it easy for consumers to have positive impact on the world. Coors Seltzer is partnering with ‘Change the Course’ to protect America’s rivers that provide clean water to wildlife and millions of people.





Coors Seltzer Variety Pack
Coors Seltzer Black Cherry
Coors Seltzer Grapefruit
Coors Seltzer Lemon Lime
Coors Seltzer Mango