Ichor Nano CBD Water

Ichor Nano CBD Water


Created to Refresh and Reinvigorate
Going back to pure, refreshing water is one option that never gets old. Instead of trying to mask its clear simplicity with artificial colors and flavors, we embrace its natural perfection.
Ichor. The choice is clear, pure, and full of natural goodness.

Ichor water is infused with nano CBD, derived from 100% organic full spectrum hemp extract. This is cutting-edge +9ph alkaline water to help you lead the life you desire. Think of it as excellence in liquid form.

Ichor Nano CBD Infused Water takes perfection to a whole new level by adding the power of CBD and alkaline minerals to deliver something that not only refreshes and hydrates, but restores and reinvigorates. The addition of natural minerals elevates the alkaline level and helps to improve blood flow, keeping your body and mind on point. 

So what does Nano CBD mean? We take natural CBD from plants grown on American farmland and break it down into individual molecules, perfectly sized to quickly and efficiently absorb into the body and start working to make your day better. Ichor CBD Beverages are the most convenient way to get your daily dosage of CBD.